• Free music!

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    So, let us have a small talk about a small revolution so threatening that it shook up the entire world. Well, maybe not the entire world, but most def...
  • Destiny

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    From Bungie; the creators of Halo and the publisher of Call of Duty, comes Destiny "the next evolution of entertainment". With an unprecedented variet...
  • The first true supercar

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    Some people claim that it is the most beautiful car ever made. But one thing is undisputable, it is one of the most recognizable and beautiful cars ev...
  • How to: Removing everyday stains

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    Unfortunately most men are not born with the power to remove the onslaught of various stains brought on by leading the manly man life. It doesn't matt...

Where does your baggage go in the airport?

You go to the desk where, hopefully, a nice girl in a prim and proper outfit greets you with a wide smile and a meticulous attitude. You place your bag on the rubber belt and after confirming that you are in fact who you say you are and no, you are not harbouring any firearms, explosives or other nefarious items you wish you had to play with, your bag is whisked away into the background to magically reappear a few thousand miles away. How does it get there? Well let's have a look!

Big Lights Deep Shades

Presenting Nemo Achida's Big Lights Deep Shades. "I enjoy my shows when I feel the audience is at one with the rhythm, the melody, and the lyrics".Adhering to the quote: "By any means necessary" and accepting that failure is not an option, Nemo plans to seize us by our musical heartstrings, and deliver us to Bliss.


From Bungie; the creators of Halo and the publisher of Call of Duty, comes Destiny "the next evolution of entertainment". With an unprecedented variety of FPS gameplay Destiny is an incredible story


Papertab - a flexible tablet

A revolution in tablet computing; for many years there has been talk of the possibility of a flexible/foldable tablet and its all just been hot air from 'futurologists' that is, until now.

50 years perfection

This year the car world celebrates 50 years of evolution. The car world stands still at the 50th birthday of the introduction of The Porsche 911, half a century of an iconic rear-engine sports car.

How To: dressing for tall men

Early in life they will tell you that tall is good to a point that it sounds like the best thing for a man to become. However, they forgot to let you know what hassle you’ll be faced with when trying to

Path to success

Isn’t that what everyone is craving for? To become successful, to become the best in what you do among your peers. No sweat, since we have found for you a guide to success.

The birth of a bull

The Lamborghini Miura is a very special car. And with that we mean a very, very special car. This car is the origin, the genesis of Lamborghini, and most supercars, we know of today.

Review: El Credito

Before choosing the cigar for our regular smoking session, we decided that we, perhaps, could go for something unusual, something not Cuban. Instead, we went for the Dominican Republic.

A Smoking Jacket

There was a time, the good old times, when the smoking jacket was a common item in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Today they are very shamefully a forgotten item for a lot of men.


We gentlemen are of a dying breed, and so are the crafts that we need to stay in our element. One of the crafts we’re talking about considers our basic need, that which we practically need every day of the week.


You can say and laugh as much as you want about nerds, but on the Internet they rule over you, hold the power within their hands. Like it or not, it's not easy to pick a fight with nerds who are in their element.

Wyn Davies - Money and Women

There are a couple of things men desires. Money and women are definitely one of these “couple of things”. So, most men just rap songs to overcompensate on the lack thereof. But few actually sound so good!


Products made from cashmere are rather special products you might not know much about. For example, a properly well-made cashmere sweater could last a lifetime if maintained well.

Review: Cohiba Siglo VI

It’s New Year, and we’d like to start it good. We set out to acquire a distinctive and top quality cigar with a full taste. And what other cigar could we have picked out better than the Cohiba Siglo VI.

Roasting Coffee

Unlike the Ethiopians did 1200 years ago, the coffee we consume today is roasted. As a matter of fact, there are 10 different roasting styles to prepare the beans for your favourite beverage.

How To: Pocket Squares

There is a huge difference between looking good and looking damn good. It’s the small things that make or break something. This exact same philosophy can be applied to your outfit.

1000cc Balls

Welcome to the Isle of Man, where they measure the size of your balls in cc. No really, this is the only place on earth where they measure the size of your balls in cc.

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is not only a very beautiful but also a very expensive classic. In fact at a recent auction the prototype of the 250 Testa Rossa was sold at a staggering price of $16.4 Million.

How to: Tieclips

Many men misuse their accessories especially when the style has previously not been of their particular generation; tie clips are a prime example. that's why we decided to create a guide so you can avoid the faux

Casio G-Shock

Maharishi, one of the UK's most influential designer labels, has done it again. Combining their aspirations and design sensibilities with that of Casio the two brands came together to release the G-shock GA-110

Review: Montecristo No. 2

So you should have noticed by now that we really do enjoy a cigar at Trendyshit. & we hope to continue to do so for quite a while.This time we imagined we should try a more popular brand.

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