• Casio G-Shock

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    Maharishi, one of the UK's most influential designer labels, has done it again. Combining their aspirations and design sensibilities with that of Casi...
  • How To: dressing for tall men

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    Early in life they will tell you that tall is good to a point that it sounds like the best thing for a man to become. However, they forgot to let you ...
  • Espresso, a quick coffee shot

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    The term café-espresso has been in use since the 1880s, well before espresso machines existed. It means coffee made to order, expressly for the person...
  • How to: The Bow Tie

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    For any formal event, whether black or (if you are fortunate enough) white tie, there is one thing you need to possess and that is the bow tie. A prop...

How to: Polish your Shoes

So there you are, standing in front of the mirror looking all perfect, that is except for that one little important detail; your raggedy old leather shoes which look completely trashed! However fear not, as we

The Hot Towel Shave

From time to time every man has to treat himself to something special, something different than what you’re normally used to. In this case that something special is the hot towel shave

Introducing: The Tie

The idea of a tie seems strange, walking around with a piece of cloth around your neck.  A lot of men avoid wearing ties whilst others love them. The tie is actually the finishing look on every suit, so you should


Rome, the Italian Capital, home to many tailors, barbers and of course bathhouses and now also home to all three combined; Wonderfool, tucked away in the narrow Via dei Banchi Nuovi has it all.

The Bay - Metronomy

The Bay, taken from the album "The English Riviera" by Metronomy; one of the best english indie electric pop bands of the moment. a great composition and mix of styles combined with the perfect placement

How to: The Bow Tie

For any formal event, whether black or (if you are fortunate enough) white tie, there is one thing you need to possess and that is the bow tie. A proper bow tie that is

Origins of: Wristwatches

In our modern day the purpose of wearing a watch is goes beyond just the necessity to know the time. A watch is now unmissable from the wardrobe of most men and the watch business has bloomed to become

Origins of: Coffee

The almost godly beverage that will addict you to consumption on a daily basis from the first sip you take. It has been around for quite some time now and proven to be so successful that it is now one of

Tatev Monastery

Near the small Tatev village in the Syunik Province of Southeastern Armenia sits the breathtaking Tatev Monastery. Built in the 9th century the monastery sits right on the edge of a deep gorge along the Vorotan

How to: Buy a Suit

A man will always look best in a well-tailored suit. A suit is made to highlight the male accents and to pass you off as a true gent. Thus, a well-tailored suit can accentuate the shoulders, make you look taller and

Jaguar XK-E

On the fateful day that the Jaguar E-type, a.k.a. Jaguar XK-E was revealed, grandmaster of sport and super cars of that time, Enzo Ferrari, called it “The most beautiful car ever made."

How to: Cashmere & Silk

Certain articles of clothing need more care than others. Particularly cashmere and Silk need more care while washing. Check out these tips so you are prepared for any eventuality.


Electroswing is similar the music your grandfather and grandmother used to swing on back in the good ol’ days. You know, where they threw the chicks in the air, pick them up and twirl 'em around and stuff.

time to get classy

Imagine if you will a gentlemen’s meeting at your place. Cigars are lit and an 18-year-old Single Malt is set in front of you. You think you are set for a good night of heavy discussion

How-to: quality shaving

Being a man is a privilege that requires a certain amount of care. An important factor in this care is the proper and careful shave, knowledge which many men lack & what ultimately is a path to manhood.

Dressed to Kill

Did you know that the way each suit fitted each Bond (from Connery to Craig) was tailored to each character's persona? Find out here how the clothes made the man.

This is fucking awesome

Thrift Shop featuring Wanz - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. One of Macklemore's best songs combining his lyricism with a sick beat by Ryan Lews and adding some sweet ass thrift shop style!

12 Main forms of a Cuban Cigar

One of the distinguishing features of a Cuban Habano is the unending choice. There are 33 brands which cover more than 240 types. Therefore, here we introduce to you the 12 main forms of a Cuban cigar

The first true supercar

Some people claim that it is the most beautiful car ever made. But one thing is undisputable, it is one of the most recognizable and beautiful cars ever built. A true classic

Free music!

So, let us have a small talk about a small revolution so threatening that it shook up the entire world. Well, maybe not the entire world, but most definitely all the major music labels around the globe.

How to - Wardrobe maintanence

If any of you are even a little like me you have looked in your wardrobe, which is a complete shambles, and thought I really gotta sort that shit out..tomorrow. Well here are some steps to get it done today.

Crafted to last a lifetime

These coats are built to last! Believe me as my family currently have three of these wax coats hanging in various states of shabbyness throughout the old farm, some of which have been going on for 30 years or so.


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