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Trendyshit is the brainchild of a few young men who, increasingly finding themselves in an advisory role toshit their peers and others on all subjects found on this site, said fuck it and decided to fill the gap between fancy highbrow bullshit, smug fashion shite and the seriously lowbrow trash flooding everything.

Here you will find the best reviews and insiders tips on being a general in the know man about town without being too much of a dickhead we love to hate.

Yes at times our language may be coarse and we may be opinionated, but that’s just us, we don’t mean to offend anyone (unless we do mean to offend which is just tough shit for you I guess) and don’t fear admitting we could be in the wrong.

So give it a read, spread the word or give it a ‘like’ (that word is seriously becoming the new ‘nice’ ugh..) or whatever other more ‘underground’ thing you’re into, postcards are cool too.


The editors/writers/owners/designers or whatever other bullshit title we give ourselves to try to justify this as making a living to our mother

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