Big Lights Deep Shades

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Presenting Nemo Achida's Big Lights Deep Shades. "I enjoy my shows when I feel the audience is at one with the rhythm, the melody, and the lyrics".Adhering to the quote: "By any means necessary" and accepting that failure is not an option, Nemo plans to seize us by our musical heartstrings, and deliver us to Bliss.

Whether he delivers I leave to you to decide, but here's something more from Nemo's blurb: "Static. Stagnant. Suffocatingly repetitive is the breeze that flows throughout the music world. Here to free us from that commercialized smog is Nemo Achida. Eccentric, eclectic, emerging artist. Poised and determined, bringing artistry and honesty back to our carbon copy culture. Nemo's words resonate and reflect everyday people, and expose what it is to embody the new side of urban lifestyle. Looking to set himself apart from industry standards, Nemo Achida has built unique concepts and placed hidden messages that are designed to inspire and/or inform his followers." Right, well suffice it to say you should check out Big Lights Deep Shades below, which we thought is a prime example of Nemo Achida's unique style and work, which we think is awesome, despite the grand designs of their self description..

Artist History

Born in Lexington KY, and raised around family in such urban settings as New York City and Atlanta, these life experiences shine through in his work allowing Nemo to be a well rounded artist without a region related label. Since Nemo Achida was nine, he's been behind the mic; Whether it was weekly gigs, playing drums for his church, or jamming in front of small crowds. That tenacity grew into the oppurtunity of being an standout performer, blasting through everyone's radar. Adding in his love for unique genres of music, including but not limited to Electro, Gospel, and Jazz, Nemo is truly a musician of the future.

You can find Nemo on Facebook & Twitter or listen to his tunes on Bandcamp. His latest Album; Midnight Magic Extended, is also available here on iTunes.

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