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Don’t you ever want to go back in time and finally beat Silver Surfer on NES because as a kid it was just fucking impossible to complete the damn game? And now, it's near impossible to get hands on the game

or console?


Well, there is good news for you. Or let’s face it, you hope it will turn out to be good news when you’ll stand face to face with your old demon that has been haunting you for years. You hope that it was just you being incapable as a toddler, that you just had not yet developed the skills to complete this game.

Here’s your challenge, don’t be afraid. Don’t use the lousy keyboard controls as an excuse. Don’t back down from this, because Nesfun offers you all NES games right here in your browser. Take all the games from Super Mario, Tetris, Bomberman all the way to Excite Bike, you can find ‘m. You can play ‘m.

This is probably the end result you're dying to see.

silver surfer complete

So really, do you still have an excuse to blame Silver Surfer?

Check it out it's a Random Article!

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