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From Bungie; the creators of Halo and the publisher of Call of Duty, comes Destiny "the next evolution of entertainment". With an unprecedented variety of FPS gameplay Destiny is an incredible story set within a newly-imagined, always-connected universe filled with action and adventure.

In Destiny, you are a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth. You must defend the City. Defeat your enemies. And reclaim all that was have lost.

It looks pretty awesome. Seems like they already have a pretty cool mythology to base the game/series around. Hopefully there will be a lot of backstory to dive into and discover, looks like it as they metnion that it has a plot that develops over years.. Bungie also has always had great music to their games, and we can't wait to hear the soundtrack to this one.

Game looks amazing; but the self-indulgent narrative of this commercial is fuckin painful. Watch it below!

Some facts on the game (based on the live reveal).

  • It's console only (PS3/Xbox) multiplayer based shooter. Although this may or may not be true as on the possibility of a PC version, Parsons said: "We would absolutely love to be on the PC. If you talk to the people upstairs, we play it on all platforms. So, stay tuned."
  • The multiplayer is always on. You and your friend could be working through a level/area and some other guy who got put in your game could come whizzing by on a pike (think hover-bike sort thing) and help you out, then carry on without a word. PvP will NOT be constant, so don't worry about griefers coming and shooting you in the back all of the time.
  • It will have at least three "classes" of sorts. A titan (beefy guy with big guns), a hunter (stealth sniper) and warlock (spellcaster).
  • There are a few enemy types they've talked about, including "space zombies", vex (time travelling robots) and more.
  • The game WILL require constant online connection, so if you have a Xbox expect a gold membership to be necessary.

For more information on the game check out their official site here.

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