The making of - C'était un Rendezvous

Written by T.A.K. on . Posted in Film

Claude Lelouche explains how he made one of the, if not the definitive, greatest car speed runs; C'était un Rendezvous, a 1976 9 minute one shot short film.

If you have not already seen it we reccomend watching the original here first.

The film was spontaneously shot in the early morning hours of a sleepy paris after Lelouche and some friends decided to strap a camera to the front of his Mercedes 450SEL and floor it.

The amazing thing is that there was no other preperation involved and the film was shot in one go. Later Lelouche re-did the exact same route with a Ferrari 245 in order to dub a better engine sound over that of the Mercedes. I don't know if it was genius or absolutely insane! (protip turn the english subtitles on)

Check it out it's a Random Article!

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