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How exactly did Mads Brugger an average, as white as you can get, Danish citizen become Mr Mads Cortzen the neo-colonialist Liberian Diplomat? Read further to find out.

In his documentary “The Ambassador” Mads Brugger shows how he left his life as a Danish journalist and became an African diplomat by managing to purchase the needed credentials. To take it even further and make it more messed up Mads decided to start a joint venture with an African blood-diamond miner. To say the least this documentary is very entertaining.


Mads Brugger gets transformed into Mr. Cortzen, meeting with high government officials where he generously distributes “envelopes of happiness” (cash). By filming these meetings with a hidden camera he exposes high level corruption. Furthermore with his attitude he shows a form of neo-colonialism which shocks viewers.

During the whole documentary we were amazed by just how far Mads Brugger goes. From the moment that he buys his Liberian passport and an MBA from the University of Monrovia in Copenhagen until the last moment where he himself has to smuggle diamonds out of the country you will be captivated.

This is documentary is disgusting, corrupt, racist, revolting and mad! Which makes it a must see! Watch the trailer below

Watch the whole thing for free below (props for putting the whole thing online btw!)

Check it out it's a Random Article!

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