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You can say and laugh as much as you want about nerds, but on the Internet they rule over you, hold the power within their hands. Like it or not, it's not easy to pick a fight with nerds who are in their element.

Especially when you’re talking about the three Swedish nerds that founded The Pirate Bay, World’s largest file sharing website. Though you should know about that by now. In 2003 Gottfrid Svartholm (anakata), Fredrik Neij (TiAMO), and Peter Sunde (brokep) started The Pirate Bay as a simple hobby. Several years and a couple million downloads later they faced a fine of $13 Million USD.

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The entertainment business was butt-hurt over the fact that people started sharing with each other they spanned a lawsuit against The Pirate Bay. The big names in the entertainment business that supported the lawsuit directly are no small players. The list includes, but is not limited to: 20th Century FOX, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros, Sony Music, Activision and the list goes on… The three nerds even managed to get the White House to threaten the Swedish government with trade sanctions.

Now, after years of struggle and chase, the three nerds are going to speak out their minds in a new documentary where they will tell you their side of the story. The official title of the documentary is TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard and is directed by Simon Klose. Credit for editing, which has been outsourced to professionals with the help of donations, goes to Per K. Kirkegraad.

All in all this is a must see documentary that will be released this spring, but here is the trailer for you to watch.

When the movie comes out it will be, of course, free for you download, if you want to support the makers you can do this by purchasing the DVD or placing a pre-order. More information about the documentary can be found here!

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