Craft of Passion

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Naples born documentary maker Gianluca Migliarotti takes us to his birthplace to discuss the art of suit tailoring. Naples historically has, quite obviously, a rich and long tradition in suit tailoring. A craft passed on from generation to generation, for many more generations. In this short documentary he will introduce you to the (not so) well known tailors of Naples, revealing their tradition and tales.

This excellent documentary exposes the art and life passion that these tailors carry for their profession in craft. We recommend this documentary not only to suit lovers, but rather anyone who has the least sense of fashion (and appreciation!). You’ll appreciate the passion that goes into creating a style, as style is all about individuality!

To order the DVD, which is 1 hour and 7 minutes long, please visit The Armoury. You can also find O’MAST on Facebook!omast2

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