1000cc Balls

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Welcome to the Isle of Man, where they measure the size of your balls in cc. No really, this is the only place on earth where they measure the size of your balls in cc.

Still not getting the picture? Watch this:

This is the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) race! It’s an annual motor race on public roads on the Isle of Man which is located in the Irish Sea. The first event of this public showcase of how big one’s balls are was way back in 1907. The first winner, Charlie R. Collier averaged a whopping 61.49 km/h (or for the metric illiterates 38.21 mph). 93 races later the current record holder, Bruce Anstey averaged 211.432 km/h (131.378 mph). Now after doing an advanced and very comprehensive calculus taking the cc of the motor, the average speed, his lap time and ultimately his top speed we can conclude, without the slightest doubt, that this man has indeed a pair of massive balls. Though the current master of this event is without a doubt John McGuinness (find him on twitter here)

tt-course-centenary resize

Ultimately, if you ask any of these racers if they would compete in the Moto GP for more fame you’d get a response along the lines of “We don’t partake in petty tea parties”.

More relevant information can be found at their official website IOMTT here.

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