Old age and treachery will overcome youth & skill

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There aren’t many things we men admit that women do better than us. But if push comes to shove and an undeniable feat has been accomplished, all props should be given to those who accomplished it.

So please meet Margaret Dunning. Born June 26 1910, she has been driving the same car since 1930. Now a witty remark about how amazing that is would be very fitting, but to be frank this article does not deserve anything but praise.

If you aren’t quick on math calculations, she’s been driving her 1930 straight 8 740 Packard for 82 years. Holy shit! Not only is she driving this car, from the early ages (yes, that long ago) she has had a fondness of messing around with old cars. She has restored several older cars which she still drives and has even donated a 1906 Model N Ford to the Gilmore Car Museum as well as a 1930 Cadillac convertible. Just spare 5 minutes of your time what this lady has accomplished during her lifetime.

Now as you might have noticed, we are overly fond of gentlemanly shit here on TrendyShit and this lady has done exactly what we would expect to be done, by true gentlemen. And what’s most of all, she values what the good old cars bring, character!

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