What does the world know about you?

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As they always say "knowledge is power" and these days it can't be more true. Watch how this fruity clairvoyant finds out specific information on complete strangers and find out how to guard against it.

In this day and age information must be handled differently, you really need to watch what you put online and who you allow to access your information. What you post today or 10 years ago will still be floating around in future years.


Because the internet is not as forgiving of your crazy years and will never forget we have made a very basic guide on how to avoid any embarassment:

Social Mediachill

  • Restrict access to your profile, lock that shit down; nobody needs to see your private collection of duckface pictures or who said what mundane thing on your wall. Most of the time it will cause more trouble than it's worth and you will find yourself repeating this meme over and over.
  • Use a different screen name than your real name; this way if you do mess up you have a moderate amount of damage control (this also counts with blogs/forums).
  • Take a few (sober) seconds to think before posting that photo or status. 
  • For the love of god please do not release any sensitive information; bankaccounts, address, social security etc.
  • Don't click that ad! Don't click that offer for "like this to get a free iPunani". Don't share your info for a promise of a cheap reward. Use your head.
  • As with everything, don't believe everything you read.


  • Post in haste, repent in leisure. Again anything written today will be visible far in the future long after you have forgotten it.
  • Post anonymously. If you don't want the world to know what you post, make sure they can't. Don't put it online or post it anonymously.
  • Register your domain name anonymously or if you must use a neutral address.
  • Avoid linking to your personal details in posts and info. 

Internet Browsers

  • Delete your cookies and history often.
  • If you are not already aware turn on your incognito mode/delete your history while watching the porn.
  • Use an adblocker.
  • Be vigilant of fake buttons.
  • Don't use internet explorer! (not really relevant to leaking personal details but it just sucks balls)
  • Use safe search in google when in public.

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