Clearing Mines using only wind

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Massoud Hassani, an Afghan refugee, has created a simple yet ingenious minesweeper based upon his own childhood creations from a time when he grew up in wartime Qasaba, Kabul.

Hassani explains "my brother and I would make wind powered toys and race them with other children" but he would then often quickly lose them in the areas filled with landmines. "I still remember those toys I’d made that we lost and watching them just beyond where we could go." "Back then there were many militaries from foreign countries.. When they went home they left lots of explosives and mines behind"

Using his background to inspire his projects he created the "Mine Kafon" which, with a total cost of only 40 euros, can be easily built and used by locals in the areas effected. This compared to the estimated cost of 1200 dollars to clear a single landmine!

Harnessing the near constant wind, which blows towards the distant mountains, it ambles across the landscape on it's many legs like some strange desert creature taking out whatever mine it encounters with hardly a hesitation on it's path. "with each detonation the Mine Kafon loses just one or two legs, therefore it could potentially destroy three to four landmines in a single journey". That's damn impressive!

Watch it in action in the video below! & don't forget to visit his website here for more information.


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