Origins of: Coffee

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The almost godly beverage that will addict you to consumption on a daily basis from the first sip you take. It has been around for quite some time now and proven to be so successful that it is now one of the most consumed beverages in the World.

The discovery of coffee was actually made by goats. coffee goatYou heard that just right. Back in the good old days, around 800 A.D., some goat herder in the high plains of Ethiopia was just doing his job and watching his herd. He then noticed his goats were showing increased energy and dancin’ around after eating little berries. Word quickly spread, as they did not yet have pitchforks and torches for people with crazy talk about hyperactive goats, and soon an abbot who made a drink spread this newly acquired knowledge. He imparted his wisdom to other monasteries and people started drinking coffee.

The Arabs particularly took a liking to this beverage around the 15th century. The most probable reason for this huge liking was because they found the effects of coffee a good replacement for alcohol, which was forbidden by religion. So the Muslim Arabs took upon themselves this holy quest to be the first to cultivate and trade the coffee beans. Interestingly coffee beans were up until now never consumed by roasting the berries. Apparently the Arabs don’t really like to consume anything raw, thank God for that invention. They set the basis for modern day coffee and are partly the reason the whole World in drinking this beverage today.


Fast forward 2 centuries and European travellers were introduced to coffee, which amazingly stirred up their taste buds quite positively. The Europeans however, were not so accepting of coffee as the Ethiopians and the Arabs. When coffee finally reached Venice in 1615 it caused such a controversy that Pope Clement VIII had to intervene. We should be happy the Vatican actually made a rational decision for a change back in the dark ages, as the Pope tried the drink before judging. The outcome? He became very fond of it and gave it the Pope’s seal of approval. Despite all the controversy coffee houses popped up like fungus all over Europe by sheer popularity. And come on, you gotta agree with how great this beverage is.\

Thanks to Rabobank we can see that coffee trade is serious stuff

In the 17th century coffee was brought to the “New World”. But finally around 1773 did people take a smart step on the new continent. Tea remained the favourite drink, but due to high taxes the colonists revolted against King George. Commonly referred to as the “Boston Tea Party”. Yes, that same exact incident.

Nowadays coffee is consumed and cultivated all around the World, quite literally at that. After the Arabian world came Indonesia, Martinique, the Caribbean and Brazil. It is now cultivated in more than 70 countries primarily around the equator (the coffee belt). But whatever coffee you might enjoy, every single coffee bean traces back to its true origin, the dancing goats on the Ethiopian highlands.


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