Where does your baggage go in the airport?

Written by T.A.K.. Posted in That's Life

You go to the desk where, hopefully, a nice girl in a prim and proper outfit greets you with a wide smile and a meticulous attitude. You place your bag on the rubber belt and after confirming that you are in fact who you say you are and no, you are not harbouring any firearms, explosives or other nefarious items you wish you had to play with, your bag is whisked away into the background to magically reappear a few thousand miles away. How does it get there? Well let's have a look!

In the 360 degree video you can take a good look around the baggage handling warehouse from the point of view of a bag at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. We were surprised to see just how advanced the system is.

This is a 360 degree video, which means you control the camera!  

  • If viewing on a mobile just use your finger to move the cam or physically move your device around.
  • If on a desktop/laptop use the mouse to move the cam.

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