Path to success

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Isn’t that what everyone is craving for? To become successful, to become the best in what you do among your peers. No sweat, since we have found for you a guide to success.

This is your feel-good moment of the day, a punch right in your feels, dignity, and self-satisfaction. Of which the latter is, right about now, utterly crushed after realising an important fact. Maybe you don’t want it as bad as you think you want it. We never promised this to neither be an easy guide, nor that you could happily stroll through life and expect the tunnel to be lit until you reach the end.

This short film is produced by Greyskale Multimedia LLC (Facebook & Twitter) and is starring NFL Athlete Giavanni Ruffin (Facebook & Twitter) displaying his Take No Days Off mentality. The motivational speaker dude preaching in the background is old NFL player Eric Thomas. You can follow him on Twitter, visit his website here.

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