time to get classy

Written by A.M.C.. Posted in That's Life

Imagine if you will a gentlemen’s meeting at your place. Cigars are lit and an 18-year-old Single Malt is set in front of you. You think you are set for a good night of heavy discussion about politics, economy world news or whatever lies within the boundaries of your interest (we don’t judge). At least, you think you are ready.

 Unless of course you have a fireplace, a phonograph playing the old jazz/blues/classics giving the right atmosphere and very coincidentally a nice yet fairly calm storm outside that causes the rain to trickle down on your window. But let’s face it, you are unlikely to meet those 3 critical elements for the night.

Fear not though. Thanks to the anonymous people on the Internet, we can provide you with that background noise that will make your meeting that little bit more joyous.

So, with no further talk, it is Time To Get Classy with an endless loop of Jazz music for Fireplaceyour entertainment with actual sound and image of a fireplace so you can attach it to your huge screen and display it to your gentlemanly friends.

And for the Rainy Mood just open another tab in your browser and put it in the background. A nice feature of Rainy Mood is that they have a “music of the day” which you can play on the same page.

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