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Before choosing the cigar for our regular smoking session, we decided that we, perhaps, could go for something unusual, something not Cuban. Instead, we went for the Dominican Republic.

Name: El Credito Serie R No. 6El credito article
Origin: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic / Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Sumatra seed – Ecuador
Length: 160 mm
Gauge size: 60


After thoroughly thinking it through we went for the El Credito Serie R’s No. 6. Unknown to us what it would be like, since we have a long, and rather exclusive, history with Cubans, big surprises awaited us.

The big boy presents itself

The cigar was a big boy, it felt really firm and proper in the hand. Normally we would go for a Cuban, so this was a bit of a surprise. When we tried to light the cigar we had some difficulty to properly light it. Though the good point was that it was very firmly wrapped yet easy draw. I dare say too easy, in fact. The first thing that hit us was the incredible spicy taste, take into mind that Dominicans are usually heavier than Cubans. This made us doubt if we had made the proper decision when choosing the El Credito. During the first 1/3 the ash had a nice colour and burned very even. The cigar slowly developed a burnt woody after taste and a bit of roasted nuts took over the spiciness. It had a very disappointing boring start but at the end of the first 1/3 stuff got interesting.

EL credito first 1-3

The trickery

Now we couldn’t have imagined the development the cigar showed us. From its strong and spicy flavour it turned to become a creamy wood taste mixed with a slight nutty flavour. We were, to say the least, astonished when the flavour became milder and a more creamy taste that was all nuts took over. Starting from a boring cigar it suddenly became a truly complex cigar where the taste flips back and forth from woody back to spiciness and so forth. Despite our advancement and the size the draw remained relatively easy but ash is not firm at all. It’s very fragile and breaks off easily, not what we’re used from the Cubans. The flavour became pepper like mixed with wood, though unfortunately the creamy taste is gone. This is a completely new taste Cubans don't have. The cigar leaves a nice soft tingling sensation on the tongue, most likely because of its strong flavours.

El credito second 1-3

Almost done

The boring flavour of the first 1/3 had disappeared and now we found ourselves in a rollercoaster of flavours. The smoke that gently touches the taste buds turned very woody again and lost its subtlety. A heavier draw came paired with this than before and this was to be expected from a cigar of this calibre. Though we could admit that it was still a very pleasant draw. Creamy taste and mild smoke took over when nearing the end it got a bit boring with only wood, is what we thought that happened. As we kept on smoking it got strong and crisp again and spices took over leaving a very tingling sensation on the tongue. Undoubtedly this cigar has a very nice, thick smoke. Unlike the Cubans we smoked. The last bits turned back and forth between woody and spicy taste more than the Kardashian woman changes men.

El credito last 1-3

The Verdict

The El Credito Serie R No. 6 has a very strong spiciness that leaves a strong aftertaste in the mouth. Though I cannot define what taste, it's rather pleasant. When starting the second 1/3 we could honestly say this cigar baffled us. It has a boring start, but suddenly turned into a very surprising and pleasant cigar. If you’re used to Cubans or milder cigars, at first this might scare you off, though keep on smoking! You’ll start to appreciate it, and maybe after a cigar or two, you’ll properly enjoy yourself the stronger Dominicans.

El credito farewell

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