Review: Montecristo No. 2

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So you should have noticed by now that we really do enjoy a cigar at Trendyshit. & we hope to continue to do so for quite a while.This time we imagined we should try a more popular brand.
So just going with the flow, we have decided to go for a big name in the business. The Montecristo: No.2
montecristo no2 cover 2
Origin: Cuba

Size: 52
Ring gauge: 5 1/6.1 inch length (15,6cm)

Wrapper: Cuban

Filler: Cuban

Binder: Cuban

Colour: light milky chocolate brown 

Beverage: Double espresso / Cappuccino and water.
The Feel: The cigar actually feels a bit solid, like it’s rolled a bit too firm, but most definitely not in a bad way. The leaves had a nice colour to it and overall the cigar looks like a beauty.
The Smell: The cigar had an aromatic smell, a nice delicate smell

First light

montecristo no2 1-3It’s always exciting to light a cigar, to us it is the most important first impression. As expected the cigar got lit rather easily and evenly. The first flavours which trickled our senses were woody flavours with slight earthly touches. The burn became slightly uneven and the draw barely produced any smoke, so we decided to improvise and made a deeper cut. It was a huge success as nearing the end of the first third the taste slightly became more of a soft and creamy wooden one. I would have to say a bit like oak but I never had the pleasure of having oak for dinner. Right before the end the ash fell to the ground, it didn't hold as strong as hoped. We had third change of flavours where subtle spicy flavours with dominating woody taste took over.


montecristo no2 2-3During the second third the spicy flavours transformed into a sweet woody one. Up until now the No. 2 didn't hold any surprises but what did surprise us was that the burn had evened out. However our disappointment was quickly compensated as the taste became more developed during the second third. The taste suddenly changed to a more nutty and spicy flavour,  following this, the taste of the cigar made rapid and noticeable changes. The nutty aroma is replaced by a complex mixture of woody and spicy flavours. Spicy then takes over and the slight woody taste is now replaced with subtle earthy flavours. The ash looks and holds firmer than the first third and didn't fall, even the burn straightened out. Nearing the final third the taste became a sharper burnt and smokey one. This cigar had decided to show its true character, as expected.

Final Draw

montecristo no2 3-3The aroma is a constant mixture of spice and dark roasted nuts. The nutty flavour becoming more present as the smoke continues. The smoke, naturally, becomes warmer as it comes to a close. Although proving it has more to offer; the Monte Cristo No. 2 suddenly changes it's character to exude a creamy and nutty flavour. This came as a big surprise and was considered a rather exciting improvement of the taste. There was not much change in the flavours nearing the end, though one last surprise came when the creamy and nutty flavour lost their presence and were replaced once again by a more spicy than nutty flavour.


When initially buying a Monte Cristo, one of the more popular and elite brands of Cuban cigars, we had expected more. The flavours were very strong, but failed to show any variety or provide excitement. I was expecting a huge let-down until we got to the latter part of the second third. in our opinion the cigar should have presented itself a bit sooner though it made up for it over the course of time.
 montecristo no2 farewell
Overall we really liked the presentation of the cigar and its nice feel. The Monte Cristo was a pleasant cigar, although starting out dull and boring, as the smoke proceeds the cigar became more interesting.
The real character of the cigar was hidden until the last half of the cigar, being the reason why it is considered so special.

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