Review: Romeo Y Julietta Wide Chruchill

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At Trendy Shit we do enjoy ourselves a cigar once in a while. However, smoking one with a review in mind puts the whole experience in a different perspective. It was rather enjoyable, but we were struggling to find

out how to express the flavours in an accurate way.

Origin: Cuba
Size: 55 Ring gauge, 5 1/8 inch length (13 CM)
Wrapper: Cuban Corojo
Filler: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Colour: comparable to the regular Romeo Y Julietta   
Beverage: DOUBLE espresso and water.

We are great fans of Romeo Y Julietta and can say with confidence it is our most smoked brand. However the Wide Churchill defies the nature of our preferred Romeo Y Julietta cigars, which are usually thinner than this one. And for this reason we made it our objective to see how this cigar would present itself to us. 

Personally our preference lies with having cigars drilled instead of cut, find out why here. Although with a wide cigar such as this one two overlapping holes forming a figure of 8 needed to be drilled.


Cigar second 1 3

In the beginning

The cigar was lit easily with a match and immediately emitted a pleasant aroma. The first draw was satisfying with a light taste of wood accompanied by a subtle nutty aroma which would hit the taste buds a fraction later. As we continued to enjoy the cigar the nutty flavour started to make its presence clearer, though the cigar remained very subtle in taste. All along the first 1/3 the cigar burnt evenly with a nice and firm ash holding its place.

Halfway There

Cigar first 1 3Call it pure coincidence, but right at the halfway point the ash fell naturally, unfortunately its destination was right on my clothes but it’s an easy brush. The burn up until now remained unbelievably even, which was unexpected to be honest and even though the draw, at this point, was heavier it didn’t take anything away from a proper enjoyment. At this point the rather subtle flavour matured to one more spicy and intense. The smoke created a complex mixture of flavours which is difficult to describe but as true sensation doing its proper job. Nearing the end the burn started to become slightly more uneven, though relatively good for a such a wide cigar.

The FinishCigar last part

Once again there was a slight change in taste. In the last third of the cigar the taste became even more complex than at the halfway point. The nutty flavour that evolved in to the spicy tang now developed a rather noticeable sweetness. Rather remarkably the burn evened out, with no intervention on our part.

The Verdict

What we like most about this cigar is its subtle flavour, the smoke doesn’t get too harsh for a beginner so you can always enjoy the cigar. The smoke was very subtle and enjoyable throughout, which makes it recommendable for a wide range of smokers. Some people would say that the cigar lacks complexity, but with this cigar complexity is not the point, it’s about subtle enjoyment.

Cigar farewell 2We are quite used to smoking other Romeo Y Julietta’s but the Wide Churchill was a first. The expectation was to be knocked off our feet thinking it would be too strong, though we were surprised how subtle it remained all through to the end. The exchange of different flavours was a true enjoyment, and we can say that this is definitely a proper cigar!

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