Review: Cohiba Siglo VI

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It’s New Year, and we’d like to start it good. We set out to acquire a distinctive and top quality cigar with a full taste. And what other cigar could we have picked out better than the Cohiba Siglo VI.

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Cohiba Siglo VI

Origin: Cuba
Shape: Canonazo
Ring: 52
Length: 150 mm (5.9”)
Weight: 15 gr.
Beverage: Double Espresso and Bitter Lemon

The cigar presents itself

The moment we took the cigar out of its tube it had a sweet and delicate smell to it. The cigar felt very firm, yet bouncy as well. Lighting it up went really easy and right off the bat the Cohiba had a very delicate and soft flavour. I would have to say it has a rather subtle earthy taste in combination with a subtle cedar taste. A tad bit later the first taste that hit the buds is a subtle spicy flavour followed by a more lasting earthy taste. From the very beginning the taste showed its complexity and what the cigar would show us with time. The burn is becoming a bit more uneven as time goes by. The ash has a very nice grey colour and the texture looks firm. The taste of the cigar never gets boring throughout the first 1/3 and is right before the second 1/3 a complex a mixture of a woody taste with a very subtle sweet after taste combined with spiciness.

The first notable change, right after starting the second 1/3 is the draw, which became rather heavy contrary to the first 1/3. Though that didn’t take away anything of what the cigar offered to us with a complex mixture of spice and wood. The remarkable sweet flavour decided to, unfortunately, play hide and seek and we couldn’t find it back for the remainder of the pleasant journey. With a cigar of this ring gauge it is normal that a burn can become more uneven, though fascinating enough the burn becomes even and uneven in turn. Taste is a constant switch of complex mixtures existing of spicy, woody, and nutty flavour. It is hard to describe the flavours besides that they complement each other perfectly.

 Cohiba 2-3

Slowly saying goodbye

The draw somehow stayed heavy but with slight adjustments it was very manageable. The taste became a bit stronger and the presence of roasted nuts was very noticeable with slight woody flavours mixing its way into it. Nearing the end the cigar really started to leave a tingling sensation on the tongue and the smoke got a bit warmer than we used to, nevertheless the cigar continued to be a joy to smoke. In the last bit the cigar started to become more interesting as the spicy flavour made its presence very clear. Just before saying our farewell, a surprising change of flavours occurred. A more sharp and warm smoke hit in bringing a pleasant change bringing a nutty and woody flavours into the cigar.

Cohiba Final 1-3

Our verdict

This cigar is one of the best I have ever smoked and it was a great joy. Right from the start until the very, very end the taste was a constant mixture of complex taste what complemented each other so well, it made the whole experience just fantastic. Though a small let-down was the fact that at the end the cigar and smoke became warm and stingy on the tongue, up until that moment the smoke was full, soft and creamy! Cohiba Farewell

Tip: I really enjoyed the cigar in combination with an Espresso, the two flavours went very well with each other.

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