12 Main forms of a Cuban Cigar

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One of the distinguishing features of a Cuban Habano is the unending choice. There are 33 brands which cover more than 240 types. Therefore, here we introduce to you the 12 main forms of a Cuban cigar

habanosHabano’s are available in lengths from under 100mm to more than 230mm.

The industrial standard for the diameter is known as the ‘ring gauge’ and is calculated in 64ths of an inch.  The ring gauge varies from 23 (23/64 or 9.1mm) to 52 (52/64 or 20.6mm) In Cuba model of cigar is referred to as the ‘vitola’ . The ‘vitola de galera’ is the name that the manufacturer uses – the factory name. The ‘vitola de salida’ is the name used on the cigar box – the commercial name. Sometimes the commercial name is the same as the factory name, but not often.

The same model of cigar is often used by various different brands with many different commercial names, with some of the brands even using the same commercial name for different factory names.

To make it even more complicated some vitolas also have a more popular generic name like ‘torpedo’.

For this reason we have listed the following examples with their factory name and their more popular name.



Popular name: Petit Corona
Measurements: Cepo 42 (Ø 16,67 mm)
x length 129 mm

The Mareva is by far the most popular ‘standard model’. The gauge of 42 makes the optimal mixture of filler leaves possible which leads this cigar to become the actual habanos standard.  The Mareva, or Petit Corona, offers around 30 minutes of smoking enjoyment.



Popular name: Corona
Measurements: Cepo 42 (Ø 16,67 mm)
x length 142 mm

A Corona is the model to crown a memorable evening, or perhaps to end a busy day. With the same ring gauge as the Mareva, this cigar offers more than half an hour of pure relaxation.



Popular name: Lonsdale
Measurements: Cepo 42 (Ø 16,67 mm)
x length 165 mm

The third in the trilogy of size 42 vitolas is the Cervantes, named after the popular Lord Lonsdale, an English sport photographer from the 30’s with a good eye for horses; he gave preference to the extra elegance of a long cigar. Take your time with the good 50 minutes of enjoyment it takes to savour this cigar.

laguito no1

Laguito No.1

Popular name: Lancero
Measurements: Cepo 38 (Ø 15,08 mm)
x length 192 mm

If elegance is the order of the day it becomes difficult to turn down a tall thin Lancero. There is also a shorter version, the Coronas Especial, which is 152mm in length. They both come from the El Laguito factory in Havana, the cap of the cigar is finished by a method of leaf turning. This cigar can be smoked for a good hour or so.



Popular name: Double Corona
Measurements: Cepo 49 (Ø 19,45 mm)
x length 194 mm

If you have enough time; there are few experiences comparable to the pure enjoyment of a Double Corona. The enormous leaves will surprise you with their refined character where after they will grow into an unmatched taste sensation. One hour and fifteen minutes is needed to smoke this cigar.

julieta no2

Julieta No.2

Popular name: Churchill
Measurements: Cepo 47 (Ø 18,65 mm)
x length 178 mm

It is said that Winston Churchill smoked more than 300,000 Habanos during his time. They did not all have the same format but this was his favourite type.  A pleasant partner for over an hours smoking enjoyment.



Popular name: 8-9-8
Measurements: Cepo 43 (Ø 17,07 mm)
x length 170 mm

The popular name of the Dalia is derived from the special chest in which the cigar is placed in three rows of 8, 9 and 8. This cigar will last you almost an hour.



Popular name: Robusto
Measurements: Cepo 50 (Ø 19,84 mm)
x length 124 mm

The busy modern era has made this short and solid cigar the first choice for many experienced smokers. The cigar burns slowly and offers all the pleasures of a large cigar inside the relatively short time of between 30 to 40 minutes.



Popular name: Torpedo
Measurements: Cepo 52 (Ø 20,64 mm)
x length 156 mm

The types of cigar described up to now are described as Parejo, meaning models with straight ends. This is a Figurado. Many are of the opinion that the pointed end of the Pirámide or Torpedo offers an advantage regarding the burn and taste intensity during the hour needed to smoke this cigar.



Popular name: Figurado
Measurements: Cepo 46 (Ø 18,26 mm)
x length 145 mm

With its two pointed ends this double Figurado is perhaps a better candidate for the name ‘Torpedo’. A century ago most Habanos looked like this, but nowadays it is more the exception.



Popular name: Tres Petit Corona (TPC) Measurements: Cepo 40
(Ø 15,87 mm) x length 102 mm

The Perla is one of a group of smaller vitolas, some are a little longer, others a little fatter than this one. Together these vitolas have the ability to offer the taste of a Habano inside of about 20 minutes.

laguito no3

Laguito No.3

Popular name: Panetela
Measurements: Cepo 40 (Ø 15,87 mm)
x length 102 mm  

It takes about a quarter of an hour to smoke this small example of torcedor’s art. A perfect cigar to smoke during the intermission of a theather for example. There even is a comparable vitola called Entre Acto, literally ‘between acts’.

How the shape and form influence taste

Every brand has their own characteristic taste, but different vitolas can influence the taste sensation.

• The larger the cigar, the richer the taste and the cooler the smoke.

• Thick cigars burn slowly and offer a large volume of smoke which drenches the palate with a rich mix of tastes.

• Double Figurados offer a unique taste which is dominated at the start by the wrapper and binder. The real blend only reveals itself when the widest part of the cigar is reached.

• Thinner cigars burn faster whereby the taste is concentrated on the tongue and can be experienced as having a quite sharp taste.

The Ligador (master blender) will work to compensate these differences to a certain degree, for instance by taking the leaf with the sharpest taste, the Ligero, out of the mixture of thinner cigars. (Cigars with a gauge of less than 36 have no Ligero.)

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