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The vast steppes of Mongolia, the plains offering seemingly limitless views broken only by wild horses, nomads and the hugest statue of Ghengis Khan you will ever see!


According to local legend; the statue stands where the young, not yet mighty Khan, found a whip after asking for the help of another Khan (Jamukha Khan) in retrieving his kidnapped wife. For Mongolians finding a whip is seen as a good sign and this, along with his alliance with Jamukha Khan, is believed to have been the point at which Ghengis Khan was destined to greatness.


The huge statue stands tall at 40 meters and is located just over 50km East of Ulan Bator, the Mongolian capital. (coordinates: 47.807927°N 107.536899°E)


The Statue stands on a 10m high pedestal which is held up by 36 columns which symbolize the 36 Khans that ruled the country following Ghengis' reign. Inside the pedestal is a visitor centre where you can try on traditional Mongolian costumes, tour the history of the Khan lineage, or try the local cuisine at the restaurant before climbing to to the top of the horse’s head, where you can stare at the panoramic views over the vast surrounding landscape.


The statue was designed by sculptor D. Erdembileg, and raised by its architect, John Enkyargal in 2008.


Admission prices range from 7000 Tug for Adults to 3500 Tug for Children (kids up to the age of 7 are free). More info Here!

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