time to get classy

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Imagine if you will a gentlemen’s meeting at your place. Cigars are lit and an 18-year-old Single Malt is set in front of you. You think you are set for a good night of heavy discussion

Review: El Credito

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Before choosing the cigar for our regular smoking session, we decided that we, perhaps, could go for something unusual, something not Cuban. Instead, we went for the Dominican Republic.

Review: Cohiba Siglo VI

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It’s New Year, and we’d like to start it good. We set out to acquire a distinctive and top quality cigar with a full taste. And what other cigar could we have picked out better than the Cohiba Siglo VI.

Review: Montecristo No. 2

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So you should have noticed by now that we really do enjoy a cigar at Trendyshit. & we hope to continue to do so for quite a while.This time we imagined we should try a more popular brand.

12 Main forms of a Cuban Cigar

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One of the distinguishing features of a Cuban Habano is the unending choice. There are 33 brands which cover more than 240 types. Therefore, here we introduce to you the 12 main forms of a Cuban cigar

Proper Enjoyment of a Cigar

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The cigar you choose, the manner you cut it, light it, smoke it and above all which taste are your choice alone. However, in order to enjoy your cigar even more we would like to offer some practical advice.

Tatev Monastery

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Near the small Tatev village in the Syunik Province of Southeastern Armenia sits the breathtaking Tatev Monastery. Built in the 9th century the monastery sits right on the edge of a deep gorge along the Vorotan


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The vast steppes of Mongolia, the plains offering seemingly limitless views broken only by wild horses, nomads and the hugest statue of Ghengis Khan you will ever see!