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We gentlemen are of a dying breed, and so are the crafts that we need to stay in our element. One of the crafts we’re talking about considers our basic need, that which we practically need every day of the week.

Our barber! Nowadays large corporations are making way for ignorant ‘male fashion advisors’ by providing mainstream products created for the mindless masses that consider themselves to be part of what we would call the elite manhood. But shaving isn’t that easy, and taking care of your skin nonetheless. Read our previous articles where we try to explain all of this to you. How experienced you think you might be, you do not possess the knowledge a barber has.

Barbiere in article

As a tribute to this well respected craft and its artisans, Gianluca Migliarotti, whom we know of the previous documentary O’Mast, has yet once again directed a touching documentary, “Barbiere”. This documentary will take you back to the early ages and show you the beauty of the profession, where straight razors were not the only means used to groom. Enormous Films and Mikado Film present the documentary to you.

The old gentleman in the documentary is Franco Bompieri, owner of Antica Barbieria Colla, one of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious barbershop located at Via Gerolamo Morone, 3, Milano, Italy. You can find more information regarding his services and treatments here! Like and follow his Facebook.

Please remember, a barbershop is not some place you go to just get a haircut or a shave. You can do that at your local hairdresser’s. A berbershop is a place for gentleman to properly take care of themselves by the hands of a true artisan of grooming.

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