How-to: quality shaving

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Being a man is a privilege that requires a certain amount of care. An important factor in this care is the proper and careful shave, knowledge which many men lack & what ultimately is a path to manhood.

Shaving is more than just sliding a couple of razor blades down your stubbled and overdue beard. Shaving is very important to maintain a healthy and babysmooth skin, thus there are many more factors which you should take into consideration when attempting to shave.

Inevitably you created your own shaving routine fitting best to your preferences. However, what your preferences might not be aware of is that your every day routine contains bad habits which keep you from enjoying a healthy skin. Luckily for you, we have listed the most important shaving tips for you below so you can enjoy a more comfortable and healthy shave.

  • Before you start shaving, wash your face with hot water. You could also drench a towel with hot water and perhaps a little bit of your favourite cologne. This will soften your beard and relax the facial muscles.

  • Remember that no matter what kind of fancy pancy cream you purchase to shave with, it still won't compete with the lather from a simple bar of soap. The warmer, wetter foam created by soap is not as easy to wipe away as that of shaving cream making it more effective as it stays on your skin constantly lubricating.

  • Soap: wet the soap in hot water to soften it and soapthen rub the bar gently against the grain of your beard so that it creates a thin layer, this layer can now be lathered with your brush. Remember to frequently dunk your brush in order to keep your face as wet as possible.

  • Gel or foam: use high quality shaving foam or gel. Modern gel protects the skin against irritations and eases the shave (so does soap). Apply a sufficient amount of shaving foam/gel by massaging it equally over your face. Too little will cause irritation and too much makes you look like a hobo santa with a severe case of rabies (also the blade will be ineffective). So eventually you’ll have to find out the exact amount by experimenting.

  • Don't have time for all of that shit and travelling light? Here's how to do a quick shave with just conditioner.

  • Wash your razor blade repeatedly with hot water during your shave to ensure a clean cut. Make sure you shave in the same direction as the growth of your beard (carefully inspect the direction, it changes per area on your face). Start with your sideburns and follow up with your chin. Shave the hard to handle areas the last and remember to shave very calmly; let the razor do the job, don’t push it too hard on your skin. Just like with the more intimate workout you can not complete a proper shave in 5 minutes.
  • After your shave is complete you should wash your face with cold to luke-warm water. This serves to  avoid irritation and will open the pores in your skin. You can gently dry your face with a soft towel though we advise you to be a man and leave the towel lie.

  • Leave out the old fashioned aftershaves and don’t use any cologne on your freshly shaved tender skin. Older shaving products that our grandfathers were using contained alcohol. Though this was very effective for disinfection, it will leave you with a rashed skin. Let's face it grandad was a much tougher geezer so luckily in this day and age we have alternative non-alcoholic aftershave gels that moisturize and soften your skin.

granStart your shaving by obtaining high quality shaving equipment and supplies. Proper equipment will last you many years with proper care. (When it comes down to it all you need is a plain leather belt for sharpening.) This way you’ll make your grandfather proud by finally showing him you can properly shave without being a pussy and getting a burning skin.

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