The Hot Towel Shave

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From time to time every man has to treat himself to something special, something different than what you’re normally used to. In this case that something special is the hot towel shave ; a shaving ritual provided (correctly) at a quality barber.


Here we will take you through what to expect from a hot towel shave.

Pro-tip: ask your barber if he could provide such service, even when it’s not on the list!

Talk with your Barber

Before a barber starts he will discuss the condition of your skin and will point out the irritated areas.  The barber will remember to be careful when shaving these areas. If you have anything you’d like your barber to know, you should take the opportunity to tell him as well. Now let’s get down to business.

Preparing your skin before the shave

Before starting the barber may apply some steam on the skin, in combination with a massage. The barber has a hot towel prepared with which he covers the skin on your face and throat for a minute or two. At first the hot steam of the towel might surprise you a bit and will actually feel too hot, but do not worry and keep relaxed. The hot towel will feel very comfortable with time and more importantly the towel will open up the pores and soften the skin.


The shave

Now the barber can apply shaving soap on the skin and start the shave. The barber will start from the right cheek and will go to the left leaving the chin area for last. With the free hand the barber should stretch the skin to avoid any cutting. Be sure not to talk too much about the weather while he’s busy shaving. Also point out the areas of attention which you discussed in the first step.

After the shave the barber has prepared a second hot towel, this will feel so good! When the towel is removed the barber will apply aftershave while massaging the face gently. Your skin now is shining, gleaming and soft like a baby’s bottom!

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