An amazing shave!

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Every man knows how this feels; been busy doing important things that are important and also awesome, no time to spare so no time to shave. Its getting itchy, too long for the ‘ol ruggedly handsome stubble but too short to be a manly man beard, it looks patchy and now your girl is developing a rash down by her snake charmer..

We have all been there.

To make matters worse you may be somehow unforeseeably removed from your otherwise complete collection of all things shaving, which obviously every man has, and are left with perhaps only the most rudimentary implements with which to work (perhaps also the reason you had procrastinated the shaving in the first place) such as maybe a razor and the shaving shizzle which does go on the face.

We all know that this is gonna be a bitch.

Let me add some cold water only to the equation and then you will find yourself in the position I was in recently while visiting family.

So there I was, contemplating whether to shave and have a wonderful glowing rash or to not shave and look like a shabby hobo while visiting parental units, when my brother in law who has had his fair share of shabbiness in his time, sorry Neil (although then as a punk you were at the height of style at the time!), came upon me with a rather wonderful as it turned out suggestion.

Just use conditioner.

That’s right, conditioner, like for in your hair. Screw all those foams and gels, after using conditioner not one single fuck was given anymore. It is now my standard practice when travelling light; a little conditioner and a crappy throwaway razor is all you need.

With cold water and a throwaway razor I ended up with a smooth very decent shave , no rash, no complications and best of all I didn't feel a freakin thing!

Obviously it is no replacement for a proper elaborate shave but it comes much closer than you would think. Also for those on a budget conditioner is cheaper, the blades last longer as they cut effortlessly using conditioner and it is a quick easy shave.

Try it, you will be surprised!

After this I think I am willing to forgive the guy for knocking up my sister.

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