A Smoking Jacket

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There was a time, the good old times, when the smoking jacket was a common item in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Today they are very shamefully a forgotten item for a lot of men.


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Products made from cashmere are rather special products you might not know much about. For example, a properly well-made cashmere sweater could last a lifetime if maintained well.

How To: Pocket Squares

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There is a huge difference between looking good and looking damn good. It’s the small things that make or break something. This exact same philosophy can be applied to your outfit.

How to: Tieclips

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Many men misuse their accessories especially when the style has previously not been of their particular generation; tie clips are a prime example. that's why we decided to create a guide so you can avoid the faux

How to: Cashmere & Silk

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Certain articles of clothing need more care than others. Particularly cashmere and Silk need more care while washing. Check out these tips so you are prepared for any eventuality.

How to - Wardrobe maintanence

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If any of you are even a little like me you have looked in your wardrobe, which is a complete shambles, and thought I really gotta sort that shit out..tomorrow. Well here are some steps to get it done today.

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