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Products made from cashmere are rather special products you might not know much about. For example, a properly well-made cashmere sweater could last a lifetime if maintained well.

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Most clothing that are made from cashmere are very styled and highly fashionable. Therefore the price would make you usually consider twice before purchasing. Now, what is it that makes cashmere so much worth?

Most of the cashmere wool that is used for clothing nowadays comes from Mongolia and Northern China. The cashmere wool is derived from the Cashmere goat. Just like any other wool combing, hair of the Cashmere goat is combed in the spring as well.

Just look at this gorgeous specimen called a cashmere goat!

cashmere goat

The wondrous specialty of cashmere is not only the excellent and fine texture, but it is very light yet incredibly soft. The texture is strong and gives excellent insulation. Cashmere provides much more insulation than the equivalent weight of sheep wool.

What makes cashmere even more special and valuable than we’ve already told you is its rarity and difficulty to produce. For one sweater you need the yearly production of 3 goats! So next time, just think it over before you even think about accidentally fucking up your cashmere product.

Anyways, listen to an expert talk about the beauties of cashmere to become enlightened!

Brunello Cucinelli is a producer of dyed cashmere in many colours. You can visit his website here, like him on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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