A Smoking Jacket

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There was a time, the good old times, when the smoking jacket was a common item in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Today they are very shamefully a forgotten item for a lot of men.

As for that reason we want to remind you of the true purpose and use of this rather rare item. In the 1950's the smoking jacket was very popular even among the bigger stars, who were spotted wearing the jackets. Frank Sinatra and the gentlemen of the Rat Pack lounged around Las Vegas wearing smoking jackets around that same time. Fred Astaire, one of the best actors of all time, went even further when he chose to be buried in a smoking jacket.

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Like mentioned earlier the smoking jacket has disappeared in today's wardrobe. To such and extent that some people don't even know the existence of this manly item, let alone its noble purpose. So what is the smoking jacket you ask yourself? Traditionally it was worn with formal wear at house parties such as Christmas or New Year’s, or whenever the hell you felt like throwing a fancy party at your house. After dining, the men retrieve to the smoking lounge they would have undoubtedly present in their house, to enjoy a well deserved cigar or a pipe along with a fine drink. The gentlemen would wear this jacket to protect their suits and shirts from the odours or ash. Traditional smoking jackets are mid thigh-length made of silk and velvet. In most cases the body was made from silk and the collar was velvet material.

However fear not that you have missed out the era where this would be customary. The smoking jacket is making a comeback this year and even the fashion world is helping a hand. Though the modern smoking jacket fits more like a blazer unlike its predecessor. The big designer brands are making them in all colours and styles so undoubtedly there should be something to your liking. The Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2013 Menswear Collection presented some of these smoking jackets.

We are glad that the smoking jackets are going to make their ways back to our wardrobes. So get your smoking jackets, grab a cigar and some scotch to discuss economics, politics, and other manly stuffs.

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