How to: Cashmere & Silk

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Certain articles of clothing need more care than others. Particularly cashmere and Silk need more care while washing. Check out these tips so you are prepared for any eventuality.



  • hand wash with lukewarm water with a special cashmere detergent.
  • Rinse the clothing well with water at same temperature as when washing.
  • Be gentle as cashmere is weaker and more fragile when wet, it can easily lose its shape or form.
  • Therefore never wring out cashmere but instead softly press the water out.


  • to remove more moisture lay the clothing in its original form on a towel.
  • Roll the towel up and softly press the water out (If necessary grab a new dry towel and repeat).
  • When the clothing feels a little drier lay it out on a flat surface and let it air dry.


  • If the clothing is dry lay it on a shelf or in a drawer but never hang it. Hanging cashmere clothing results in a loss of form.



  • some washing machines have a program for silk, but nevertheless we advise you to only wash silk clothing by hand.
  • Wash the silk gently at a maximum temperature of 30° C (86° F to all you barbarians) in a fair amount of water.
  • Do not rub, press or crease the silk while washing.
  • Stains are often easily removed from silk, but if this proves difficult you can use a soft detergent (be sure to avoid agressive agents such as bleach).


  • Silk must never be put in a drier or dried in direct sunlight.
  • You can dry silk by laying it on a clean towel on a flat surface to air dry.
  • Always store silk in a place where it can ‘breathe’and away from sunlight.

With these tips in mind you will be prepared for when the time comes to take care of that dubiously stained silk lingerie that you took off your ladyfriend last night after impressing her with your impeccable cashmere sweatshirt.


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