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Many men misuse their accessories especially when the style has previously not been of their particular generation; tie clips are a prime example. that's why we decided to create a guide so you can avoid the faux pas your grandfather would have throttled you for.

Now I know that the belief is that a properly tied tie of good quality doesn't need a clip. Only to be worn as a functional device and other than on waiters and bartenders, who need them to avoid dunking their pristine ties into your morning coffee, they were generally confined to the greens of the local golf club.

Now however they have come full circle and can be found pretty much anywhere from on lost looking mummy boy hipsters to the subtly stylish gents they attempt to emulate. To stop you from looking like the former we introduce to you these general rules adhered to by the latter.

First and formost: The Don'ts!

  • No teeth - Teeth wreak havoc on a silk tie!
  • No tacks - tacks poke holes in your ties, why would you poke holes in your ties? You are not a five year old.
  • No vest - a tie clip with a vest is like a belt with braces.

clipgentProper placement

Traditionally, the placement of a tie bar has been between the 4th and 5th button. Although the current trend sees the tie bar rising and being worn higher between the 3rd and 4th button. The reason for this is that for shorter men it accentuates your height and the 4th and 5th button would be closer to your belt buckle. The general rule is for it to be visible above and beyond the first button of your jacket.

Protiop: clips can be worn straight or at an angle but never more than 45 degrees and never at an angle during a formal occasion.

The length:

The tie bar should generally cover about 3/4′s of your tie, it doesn't need to be exact, but you should have some space. You definitely want to avoid the bar hanging over the end of your tie.

When to wearclip

Generally on formal occasions but as it can be quite flexible you can use it whenever you want ot elevate your look or as a finishing touch when you want to look your best. A tie bar = a polished man. Remember though that you could easily cross the fine line between a classic Donald Draper and that creepy looking hipster hanging at the coffee shop by over-accessorizing. Anything other than tasteful discretion can be hazardous so show some restraint.

Considerations of choice

Color is very important, for bold patterns make sure to go with something a little more subtle or minimalist such as silver. If a little more conservative; spice it up with a patterned tie bar perhaps with stones or enamel. Be aware of the width as well as dimensions though, stay true to the 3/4's.

Perfectly combined with: Cufflinks

Thank you to Mr. P.V. for suggesting this guide.

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