How To: dressing for tall men

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Early in life they will tell you that tall is good to a point that it sounds like the best thing for a man to become. However, they forgot to let you know what hassle you’ll be faced with when trying to

Introducing: The Tie

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The idea of a tie seems strange, walking around with a piece of cloth around your neck.  A lot of men avoid wearing ties whilst others love them. The tie is actually the finishing look on every suit, so you should

How to: Buy a Suit

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A man will always look best in a well-tailored suit. A suit is made to highlight the male accents and to pass you off as a true gent. Thus, a well-tailored suit can accentuate the shoulders, make you look taller and

Dressed to Kill

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Did you know that the way each suit fitted each Bond (from Connery to Craig) was tailored to each character's persona? Find out here how the clothes made the man.

How-to: buy a suit - Fabric

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When it comes to suits there is only one thing we know for sure; every man needs at least one good suit. A well cut men’s suit is tailored to suit the man who wears it. We are here to help with the choice.

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