How To: dressing for tall men

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Early in life they will tell you that tall is good to a point that it sounds like the best thing for a man to become. However, they forgot to let you know what hassle you’ll be faced with when trying to look good in clothing.

It’s a tough situation. If you are skinny and dress in a wrong way, you’ll end up looking like a weird stick figure walking the walk. If you are tall and fat… Well, I don’t want to even start thinking how you’ll look in that situation.

fat guy wrong suit

So unless you have a local tailor that knows you well, you’ll remain to have a rough time getting properly fitting clothes. Coincidentally you could read the mile long guides put online where you’ll fall asleep after the first paragraph. So just bear with me for a while, as I’ll keep it short and to the point.

Basic clothing

When we say “Basic clothing” we mean jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters. These are clothes you just buy off the shelves in a store without giving much of a thought. The only thought you need to give is that you fit on the proper size before buying. Before buying! This is the easy part of getting dressed. A little kid could pull this off if you let him loose at the kid’s department.

Jeans can be measured in 2 sizes, the waist size and the inseam (i.e. the length and width of your trousers). Luckily they come in wide varieties where you can find slim waist and long legs or large waist with short legs. So when fitting the waist, don’t think you’re a damn hipster or some hip-hop rapper look-a-like. Don’t buy one that either falls off, or sticks to, your arse. The bottom of the legs should cover the top part of your shoe. If you have twigs for legs, go for slim-fit or skinny-jeans, since you don’t have much to fill the jeans with anyways. Vice versa for bulky legs, don’t wear something that looks like a legging, so wear jeans with slightly wider legs.

T-shirts and sweaters are an easy matter. In case it passed you, the sizes you can choose from are S, M, L, XL, XXL, and the larger equivalents of the XL series. Just make sure the shoulders have a proper fit and the sleeve size is neither too long nor too short. Once again, make sure you don’t swim in, nor burst out, of your t-shirt/sweater. Though in my opinion it is permissible to have a slightly oversized t-shirt, don’t go try to pull off a failed-rapper-wearing-3-sizes-too-large image.

Casual and Formal

Now this is the tricky part of getting dressed properly. First and foremost before you try to look good in clothing, get a tailor that can help you with this. Seriously! As we have already explained you the important steps for buying a well fitting suit, which you’ll find here, we’ll just skip to the part where we tell you what would suit you best!

To dress properly to your size, adhere to these couple of points;

  1. Wear checkered suits/clothing or go for basic colours. Checkered clothing will make you look wider while basic, solid colours will hide any flaws.
  2. Don’t buy jackets with 3 buttons. Not only are two buttons sufficient, three will make you look taller than you already are.
  3. Peaked lapels are your friends. These are slim, wide and will give extra width to your lean body type.
  4. Tailor your suit, shirt, and trouser to your size!
  5. Repeat step 4!
  6. Wear a visible lean belt. This will give a horizontal cut to your look.
  7. Use subtle accessories with your clothing e.g. a tie or Pocket Square. Make sure the tie isn’t too short, it should reach your belt, nor too slim.
  8. Go with an old fashioned sweater over your shirt, wear layered clothing that will add to your mass.
  9. Stay away from anything vertical!

For the bigger sized men amongst us, first things first. If you have a belly, this just cannot be hidden. Make peace with it or try to burn it away. Keep to the points above but avoid clothing that are too skinny or show too much of your body features.

Actually, dressing properly to your build is not that difficult. Many of these rules are universal and any dimwit who has good knowledge about clothing could name these for you. However, the difficult part comes to put these to practise. Trial and error will eventually get you where you want to be. And most importantly, never be afraid to dress how you want to!

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