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When it comes to suits there is only one thing we know for sure; every man needs at least one good suit. A well cut men’s suit is tailored to suit the man who wears it. We are here to help with the choice.

Because when we come down to it every man needs a suit, every man therefore needs to know how to choose one.

Let’s start at the choice of fabric. Our advice is to go for either a full woollen suit or a blend of wool and cashmere. Wool is by far the best for lasting quality fabric (which is often reflected in the price). No doubt you will come across many ‘summer’ suits which are made of linen. These are lighter, breathe easier but should be worn only in warmer weather. As woollen suits are generally more versatile as a good all rounder, our advice, go for wool.


The quality of the cloth is determined by the wool, the spin or weave techniques used and the finishing of the fabric. To make things easier, the wool has a quality grade which is indicated by the term ‘super’. The most conventional grades are the 100s, 120s and 130s. The higher the number the better the quality. A more practical way to test the quality of the wool is to take a handful of the fabric and to pinch. A good fabric must have a resilience/springiness to it and should return to its original form without too many creases.

Enough about fabric, in our next article we continue with what exactly you should pay attention to when buying a suit.

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