Introducing: The Tie

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The idea of a tie seems strange, walking around with a piece of cloth around your neck.  A lot of men avoid wearing ties whilst others love them. The tie is actually the finishing look on every suit, so you should better know how to choose one properly! Here's more on where the tie comes from.


The modern tie and the bow tie are descendants from the good old cravat. The cravat originatedCroat back in the 1630’s when the Croatian Mercenaries from the Military, remarkably, wore a small knotted piece of cloth around their neck. Pleasantly surprising the rest of the world with their good taste, that is. The word “Cravat” that is still in use in today’s world derives from the corrupt French pronunciation of "Croate". Anyhow, the history lesson’s for another day.

Choosing your tie

For a basic tie we advise you to go for a standard size tie. Only go for more exclusive once your wardrobe reaches a respectable reputation among your fellow gents. Most ties are 57 inches long and the standard width is about 3 ¼ to 3 ¾ of an inch. You also have thinner ties of 1 inch to 1 ½ inch width. Though that heavily depends on the style you wish to go for.

which tie

The basic tie we’re talking about must have a solid colour; try to avoid the shiny ties though. The basics ties (solid, ribbed faille or basket weave style) are simple but always look good with whatever you wear. That’s their purpose.


Silk has been the number one fabric used for men’s ties as silk is the strongest of all natural fibers. It is light, durable, and wrinkle resistant & is therefore ideal. Just because the label says 100% silk doesn’t mean quality. Silks come in various degrees if quality, the heavier and tighter the silk the better. The better the quality of the tie, the more beautiful the knot will become.

Don't be that guy

Make sure you choose a quality tie, because a good tie can make or break your outfit completely.

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