Dressed to Kill

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Did you know that the way each suit fitted each Bond (from Connery to Craig) was tailored to each character's persona? Find out here how the clothes made the man.

You can see for example how Brosnan's suit fell softly on a suave svelte businessman-like Bond while Craig's visually tight fitting suit makes his Bond seem like tense a coiled snake ready to burst out.

Watch the video and get to know the clothes behind the legend.

The tailors behind the icon:

 seanconnery  rogermoore  piercebrosnan  danielcraig
Sir Sean Connery
Anthony sinclair
Sir Roger Moore
Douglas Hayward
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig
Tom Ford

watch Jany Temime talk about dressing Craig for skyfall here

I think the designers did an amazing job in capturing the characters persona but you know I think the James Bond franchise died a little when Craig (nothing against him personally of course) stepped on the scene.. I mean Driving a bloody Ford mondeo in Casino Royale, acting the unrefined ruffian and now wearing Tom Ford suits? Seems to me Bond has lost it a tad..

Bond was the ultimate man's man, an individual with his own sense of style, unique handcrafted suits from small independent tailors, exotic taste in women and cars. Cocky and composed in all situations. Now he presents himself as an explosive shoot first action man with no time for small talk and a template on which to market mass produced men's products; "hey look I have the same car/suit/watch James Bond had!" Yeah you and a few thousand others buddy.

One can only hope James will get his groove back, but until then his classic looks will never go out of style.

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