How-to: Sneakers

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Once, sneakers were worn only in the gymnasium but not anymore. Sneakers have been growing in popularity for a many years now and have been worn fashionably to almost every occasion.

The right combination of sneakers can though be difficult to pull off properly and not all guys know how.. Therefore we offer some sneaker tips.

Let’s start off with the type of sneakers you need to own, the basic classic. If you are unsure of what type of sneaker to go for go for the simple classics. For example a pair of Converse all Stars or perhaps Vans. Don’t go for the flashy bling ones though, keep it simple. These shoes are pretty basic and are easy to combine with whatever else you have in your wardrobe, whether shorts or dress pants. The same rule applies, the simpler the sneaker design; the easier it is to combine with your clothing.


Socks and sneakers can result in interesting combinations, though there is one rule to remember! Never wear sneakers without socks. This would result in your shoes ruined by your terrible rank sweaty smell.. So instead wear ankle socks. If they are in the proper size then they should be (virtually) invisible and your sneakers will remain so fresh and so clean. Ankle socks are also a must if you want your pants to have a proper fold.

Protip: Never wear running shoes or other sport shoes unless you are actually at sport. Sneakers have come a long way from the gym.

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