Origins of: Wristwatches

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In our modern day the purpose of wearing a watch is goes beyond just the necessity to know the time. A watch is now unmissable from the wardrobe of most men and the watch business has bloomed to become a multi billion dollar business.

So where did this art come into existence and how did it evolve into the business we know today? Here is a small introduction into the history of the wrist watch.

The Polish watchmaker Antoni Patek started a watchCover watch Business in Geneva, In 1868 he produced the first wrist watch ever under Patek Philippe & Co. After this, his business has skyrocketed all the way to the luxury brand it is today.

In 1880 Constant Girard developed a wrist watch concepts for German Naval Officers, which were ordered by German Kaiser Wilhelm I. A grille was placed on top of the shielded glass protect them from shocks. This development is considered as the first big step into the commercialisation of wristwatches.

In 1904 Louis Cartier designed the first men´s watch for his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont a Brazilian pioneer in aviation. This would give Santos-Dumont the possibility to keep both his hands on the flight stick during his flights while looking at the time. Keep in mind that he used to have a pocket watch to do so, at that time wristwatches were seen only for women.

However wristwatches became really popular during and after the First World War. Thousands of soldiers were given wristwatches to view time while their hands were occupied. Shooting at other people was never so easy with wristwatches, a true revolution. When the soldier got home the wristwatches became more popular among men, which was the start of the wristwatch business we know today.  


In our eyes a watch is very difficult to think away from any man´s wardrobe, as a watch truly finishes any outfit. With a beautifully matching timepiece you’re always going to be the man of the hour Watches have become a vital fashion item, and are available, like clothing, in all colours and styles to suit your mood and style. Buying the right timepiece to wear around your wrist is definitely no easy task and a difficult challenge.

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