Casio G-Shock

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Maharishi, one of the UK's most influential designer labels, has done it again. Combining their aspirations and design sensibilities with that of Casio the two brands came together to release the G-shock GA-110

, literally stunning.

Lead designer Hardy Blechman: “G-Shock is the toughest of watches and prides itself on being tough, durable and long-lasting, similar to the Maharishi brand, which has gained respect for not conforming to fashion mainstreams, producing long-lasting designs and being sustainable.”

The Bambdazzle design is based on some pretty eccentric paint schemes used on World War one era naval vessels designed to confuse torpedo operators as to what class ship they were dealing with and which direction it was heading.

Besides an awesomely unique design the watch continues to impress with it's capabilities with

  • 200M water resistance
  • Auto LED with afterglow
  • 48 City World time
  • 1/1000th stopwatch with speed indicator
  • Four daily alarms

The Bambdazzle is available in the Maharishi store in London

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